Dynamic Business – Let’s Talk – Raising Captial

Dynamic Business Let's Talk - Raising Capital

Dynamic Business – Let’s Talk – Raising Captial


Dynamic Business 14/9/2017


Dynamic Business is proud to present ‘Let’s Talk…’. This exciting new, weekly initiative provides entrepreneurs and industry experts with a forum to share rapid-fire views on a range of issues that matter to start-ups and small to medium businesses.

“What’s a sure-fire way to make an investor sit up and listen?”

Deb Noller, CEO, Switch Automation: “There’s only one thing that will make investors sit up and listen. The only thing they care about is traction… Maybe in a red-hot space like internet currency offerings, you might gain some more organic interest. But if you’re not sitting in the epicentre of what all the investors are flooding to fund right now, then there’s only one thing they care about – traction. You must demonstrate that you’re gaining new customers and increasing your momentum. If you can do that, then you can get investors.”

Ghazaleh Lyari, Champ Ventures and Chair of Heads Over Heels: “Preparation is key for any startup CEO looking to raise capital.  Experienced investors meet numerous founders/CEOs on a regular basis and develop a knack for seeing through a sales pitch vs an authentic story.  To make an impression with a startup investor, there are basic elements I would cover in a pitch:

  1. A simple and clearly articulated explanation of what the business does, what problem it solves, and who it does it for – if this can’t be done in a couple of sentences, the CEO is not ready to pitch.
  2. The size of the potential market – this must be quantified as best as possible. It’s key to give a sense of how big the business could one day scale to be, with the right support and resources
  3. Execution capability – it starts with the CEO, and extends to the broader management team. Investors decide to back the person(s) behind the story, as much as they choose to back the story itself. Every business goes through difficult periods, especially in its early development stage.  The CEO’s credibility, relevant experience, and signs of stamina and resilience are the elements that convey whether she is the right leader for the company, and has what it takes to deliver on its goals;
  4. Understanding of industry, trends and participants – competition (or its threat) should encourage an entrepreneur to always keep a critical look at the business and be prepared to articulate what it is that the business does differently to others.”

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