How We Work

Heads Over Heels develops high potential women CEOs of all backgrounds via a vibrant community of Connectors. The Heads Over Heels Portfolio is made up of talented women entrepreneurs selected via a rigorous and meritocratic screening process.


The model is simple but unique. We regularly hold highly structured events where CEOs pitch their businesses and high impact ‘Asks’ to business and community leaders. The audience then breaks into “Huddles” to facilitate specific offers of connection. Putting these Portfolio CEOs in the same room as influential men and women Connectors for just one purpose creates a huge buzz of support for these women and leads to measurable, meaningful impact.  Male attendance is usually 40%+ at any event which is important in building awareness of the unique challenges facing women entrepreneurs across all genders.


Portfolio Events – What to expect


Here is a general idea of what you can expect when you attend a Heads Over Heels Portfolio Event.

  1. Each presenting CEO will have around 7 minutes to pitch their business.
  2. Connectors break off into their huddles. Your huddle colour will be on your name tag.
  3. During the Huddle the presenting CEOs will run through their ‘Asks’
  4. Lift up your ‘number’, and similar to an auction, we will capture your offer of introduction to the presenting CEO.
How it Works
Portfolio Events






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